Media Downloads:

Line-out video recording from installation (68MB)

Documentary video GloNet Front Room (19MB)

Original concept and proposal (6MB) pdf

Selection of detailed Installation diagrams (4MB) pdf


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Paul Sermon Biography

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FutureEverything 2010 GloNet Front Room

Contact Manchester

Vivo Sao Paulo

MASP Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo

British Council in Sao Paulo


Manchester Team

Festival Director: Drew Hemment
GloNet Producer: Michelle Hirschhorn
GloNet Champion: Dave Mee (our man in Sao Paulo)
Contact Venue Manager: Lewis Sykes
Contact IT Manager: Jason Crouch
Production Manager: Sara Smith
Broadband liaison & Consultant: Julian Tait
Conference Programmer: Michelle Kasprzak

Sao Paulo Team

General coordination: Aluizer Malab, Lucas Bambozzi, Marcos Boffa and Rodrigo Minelli
Curators: Lucas Bambozzi and Marcus Bastos
Executive producer: Gisela Domschke
Production assistant: Paloma Oliveira
Set design: Elton Fonseca
Technical consultant: Luiz Campedelli
Technical assistant: Lina Lopes
Making of: Lucas Gervilla

GloNet is a new model for group-to-group globally networked events, developed by FutureEverything in partnership with British Council, Distance Lab and Lancaster University. Co-produced by FutureEverything with Sendai Creative Cluster Consortium, FesLab and TRUNK in Sendai, Japan; amber in Istanbul, Turkey; Vivo, Museu de Arte de São Paulo (MASP) and Escola São Paulo in Sao Paulo, Brazil and W2 in Vancouver, Canada for the inaugural FutureEverything Festival 2010 in Manchester, UK. GloNet Front Room is supported by the University of Salford. GloNet 2010 is sponsored by NorthernNet and funded by the British Council.
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