Charlotte Gould develops playful open interactive installations in public space

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Ludic Second Life Narrative

Charlotte Gould developed Ludic Second Life Narrative for the Moves 09 festival and curated by Bren Callaghan for the BBC Big Screen, Liverpool. It is a playful environment encouraging interation both with the content and urban environment allowing users to explore alternative netwroked spaces and develop unique narrative events.

Ludic Second Life Narrative questions the way that the public embody themselves in virtual worlds. Staged in an "enchanted wood" as a virtual retreat within the actual virtual environment. The aesthetic of the space and the avatars question the convention of realism in virtual environments. It offers an alternative to the stereotypes that prevail in second life. The avatars in this installation have a puppet like quality rather than the stereotypical Barbie and Ken analogy. so while the use's body controls the puppet in a natural and intuitive way the avatar does not attempt to represent a first life human.





ludic second life narrative