Charlotte Gould develops playful open interactive installations in public space

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The People You're Not

Charlotte Gould was invited as one of six artists to participate in a show realised by Bren Callaghan and proposed by Harry Hill as part of the Plerple You're Not exhibition at the Cornerhouse.

The brief was to recreate Geogre Cruikshank's "The Worship of Bacchus" using known alchoholics. Victorian satire meets Heat magazine as six illustrators put a contemporary spin on scenes from Geogre Cruikshank's famous 1860 painting exposing the evils and horros of alchohol. Performers such as Kerry Cantona, Kourtney Love and George Best are given centre stage for cautionary tales of celebrity drunken cliches and the pitfall of the demon drink.

Charlotte worked with Hannah Gibson to produce "Mission of the Hindus" or Pilgrims of the Porcelain throne set in a Chinese restaurant with a reconstruction of the last supper with Janis Jopplin playing Jesus.



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the people youre not