This split level of the space interested me, rather like the outside of the space that contrasts with the looming 101 tower in the background in stark contrast to the little houses huddled around the base. This can be said for much of life in Taipei. Such as very basic noodle bars and soup kitchens between KTV clubs (karaoke), 7/11's, high rise office blocks and countless temples devoted countless incarnations of the Buddha.

This project functions by combining two identical room installations within the same video image via simple video conference techniques.

The system works as follows. The two rooms both have false ceilings lowered to a level of approximately 1.5 metres, this leaves a cavity space above each room of approximately 1.2 meters high and will also force the gallery visitors to bend down when entering the spaces. However there will be one location in each room where the viewer will be able to stand up straight and put their head and hands through a hole in the false ceiling and into the cavity space. Although each room will share identical dimensions they will have a different appearance. One of the rooms will contain drab used furniture in the lower part with a very lived-in appearance, the cavity space above it will be very dark, with the exception of a video projected image and some small lighting effects. The other room by contrast, will not contain any furniture in the lower section and will be very bright in the cavity above, including green or blue lit walls.

A video camera in each space will record a live image of the head and arms of each participant and feed it directly to a video chroma-key mixer. One of these head shot images will be recorded against a green or blue background which will be extracted by the video mixer and replaced by the other live head shot - placing the two heads opposite each other within the same live video image.