The entire head space will not be visible to anyone else except the people inside it so it will be very intriguing to see how the visitors inside the main gallery space interpret and read the movements of the headless body behind the glass wall, and also how these headless bodies behave as they are conscious of being both private (above) and public (below) at the same time.

the construction of the installation began with installing the electrical supply and the entire wood construction work that was completed in a single day by Mr Huang's very efficient and helpful team of carpenters. The most difficult part was preparing the headroom space. It was tricky getting the balance right between the ambiguity of the intimacy/seduction and the shrine/temple focus on the screen. I did this part several times and had to play with many elements before I finally got what I wanted, but not surprising it all started to fall into place when I began to move the furniture into the room bellow. Special thanks to the students of Professor Yung-Hsien Chen's media arts class at The National Taiwan University of the Arts in the production stage of the installation.