Out of sight, out of mind is 360° environment that incorporates both video and audio recordings with augmented imaginary and predicted realities transformed from personal observations and scientific data from the Mar Menor in obscure and profound guises. Using a technique of gaze-controlled interaction the 360° video shots were linked together to explore a non-linear narrative of the entire Mar Menor area. This also included augmented telepresent video interaction, allowing public participants the opportunity to observe their own presence within the 360° video experience of the Mar Menor. Using a system of live chroma-keying between two separate locations, the participants were able to encounter each other in this obscured landscape of recorded and imagined realities by standing within one of two constructed green-screen installation spaces. This installation presents the consequence of the anthropocene as a direct result of our own interventions, rather than an out of sight, out of mind experience of it. The installation was exhibited at the Centro Cultural Puertas de Castilla in Murcia from 9 to 27 May 2019.

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Residency and Project Proposal PDF (3 MB)
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Project Development Questionnaire and Outcomes PDF (1 MB)
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