Charlotte Gould develops playful open interactive installations in public space

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Charlotte Gould and Paul Sermon

This installation offers participants the opportunity to direct and change the outcomes of the artwork through an open system of interaction. These unique transitory outcomes will rely entirely on the roles and performances that the public participants bring to these public screens and the experiences they choose to live out. Contextualized by a diverse array of interactive backdrops, our aim is to allow these public audiences the opportunity and agency to engage within these biomolecular and pharmacological environments. This ‘fluxus happening’ will include the widest range of participants from those who work and study there to those passing by, to create a fusion of scientific discoveries and street stories as its long-term legacy. This biomedical-embodied experience will provide the opportunity to better understand the contribution biomolecular sciences have on our changing lives and provide a virtual bio-playground to build confidence, cohesion and inclusion by overcoming scientific language barriers.


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Huxley Building - Public Art commission - shortlisted proposal exhibition | Brighton Digital Festival